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Clusters Activities

Each one of the twenty-one research clusters that operated in 2005 organised a series of events during the year. Some of these were workshops, exhibitions, lectures and seminars that were open to all interested parties, others were closed events designed to allow focused debate between cluster members. In total over 100 separate events were held during the cluster operating period, many of them taking highly innovative approaches including:

~Holding events in environments that were the cluster’s actual subject of enquiry, for example, the Non Place cluster held events in B&Q stores, airports and government offices.
~Using ‘thinking through doing’ activities to build communication between different disciplines, for example, the Emotional Wardrobe cluster made extensive used of prototyping techniques to stimulate debate.
~Building detailed frameworks of knowledge to capture insights from many disciplines, for example, the Discovery in Design cluster systematically explored different approaches to CAD supported conceptualisation used in different design disciplines.

Many of the research clusters initiated during 2005 are continuing their activities. Details of future meetings and activities can be found on the websites of these research clusters. Website contacts for each cluster can be found under the 21 Research Clusters section of this website.


photo of participants in Emotional Wardrobe cluster workshop

photo of participants in Non-Place cluster workshop

© Emotional Wardrobe: ‘Scrap box’ challenge, fashion studios,
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