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Embracing Complexity in Design

The embracing complexity in design cluster was formed under the premise that complexity exists across every aspect of design and that an understanding of complexity will be essential for the design research and practice in the 21st century. Complexity is inherent in many designed products and systems, and designers need to understand the often complex dynamic processes involved in the creation of those artefacts. In addition, the social and economic environment of design is becoming more and more complex involving the interaction of people through heterogeneous information and communication networks. The members of the cluster came from a wide spectrum of design disciplines including architecture, planning, engineering, computing, organisational science, and art. The objectives of the cluster were to stimulate multidisciplinary interaction across the design community on issues of complexity; bridge the design and complexity communities; share collective ideas; and synthesise these into a coherent account of the state of the art and a research agenda for the future.

Principal Investigator:
Prof Jeffrey Johnson
The Open University
T: 01908 652 627
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